DataSpark Job Posting

May 8, 2017 5:14 pm

We are hiring! We plan to bring two new analysts to our team. To apply for the position described below please go to:


Research Associate/ Data Analyst II, DataSpark (2 Positions)


Compile, analyze, aggregate, and disseminate a variety of data pertaining to education, workforce, health, child welfare, demographics, housing, public safety, community assets, and other public policy issues. Collaborate with coworkers on data product development and administrative duties. Support relationships with various external stakeholders. Work to complete timely, accurate, high quality project deliverables.


Acquire data and information from various sources. Clean, format, organize, and document data files and use these data to perform a variety of quantitative analyses. Prepare data for import into the RI DataHUB by the DevOps team. Apply GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to create maps that enable data interpretation at many levels of geography. Use longitudinal data to produce a variety of compelling products (reports, charts, maps, visualizations) in formats appropriate for a variety of audiences. Compile and use relevant literature. Produce both technical and informal writings about data. Prepare indicators to populate web tools. Support the process of Data Story development through data analysis, stakeholder meetings, and narrative development.

Contribute to planning and design of projects. Communicate with consultants (when applicable.) Participate in software and product related “sprint” planning as required. Evaluate projects and generate lessons learned. Coordinate with supervisor(s) on project priorities.

Perform data management activities including dataset documentation. Assist with minor office and administrative tasks.

Contribute to social media and other outreach and dissemination activities.

Attend and contribute to meetings with community groups and other organizations. Provide “good deeds” data products.


Personal computers and printers; word processing, database management, and project management software.



1. Bachelor’s degree in public policy, planning, mathematics, or relevant field.

2. Demonstrated experience with data analysis.

3. Demonstrated experience with visualization (including, statistical software and GIS).

4. Demonstrated strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

5. Demonstrated proficiency in written communication skills.

6. Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate technical information to a wide variety of audiences.

7. Demonstrated ability to respond to changing priorities.

8. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively.

9. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.



1. Master’s degree.


Please see for full details of this position.