Young Voters in Rhode Island

October 22, 2015 2:53 pm

DataSpark released a data story and interactive quiz on civic engagement of Rhode Island’s young adults today.

The data story features an interactive 10-question quiz where readers can self-assess their knowledge of young adults’ voting patterns and voting laws in Rhode Island. The data story highlights our state’s existing laws and policies that may hinder the ability of Rhode Islanders to participate in elections. For example, Rhode Island is one of 22 states that do not offer online voter registration. The data story also cites outcomes of other states with various policy shifts.

Issues surrounding civic engagement of Rhode Islanders have not gone unnoticed. Civic engagement is at the forefront of many critical discussions. Members of Rhode Island’s leadership are taking strides to improve voting laws to provide greater voting access to Rhode Islanders. This spring, state legislators introduced the Voting and Elections Modernization Act of 2015 that would allow Rhode Islanders to register online to vote, improve accuracy of voter rolls, and allow early in-person voting.

The data story also includes a list of websites and apps that can help readers learn more about voting and politics.

Check out the “Voting Habits of Rhode Island’s Young Adults” data story at: