Power of Data: Informing Policy, Programs & Practice

November 9, 2015 11:49 am

capitolDataSpark staffers ventured to Rhode Island’s State Capitol to attend the Rhode Island Data Sharing Project’s “Call to Partnership: Showcasing the Power of Rhode Island’s Data to Inform Policy, Programs and Practice.”

The event, hosted by Commissioner of Postsecondary Education, Dr. Jim Purcell and Commissioner of Education Dr. Ken Wagner, was attended by nearly 100 stakeholders from throughout the state.

Director of Business Regulations and member of Rhode Island Data Sharing Project’s Advisory Council, Macky McCleary, emphasized the importance of the work of DataSpark and the Rhode Island Data Sharing project because by creating data stories, we are able to fundamentally transform data into information.

National Principal of the Year, Alan Tenreiro, highlighted the need to use data to inform educational decisions. “A rising tide doesn’t lift all boats,” Mr. Tenreiro stated when speaking of the importance of using data to determine how to best meet the needs of our disadvantaged and underserved students.

DataSpark’s own, Director Andrew Bramson, was able to share several examples of the critical data stories we have published including our analysis of the Lead Hazard Mitigation Act, our High School Chronic Absenteeism story, as well as our Young Adults Voter Turnout story.