Adult Education in Rhode Island

October 14, 2015 11:00 am

DataSpark recently completed a brand-new data story that delves into the state’s Adult Education landscape.

Adult education in Rhode Island plays a key role in terms of its role in workforce development and in the lives of the population it serves: adult learners who are underprepared for work due to subpar-academic skills. Compared with its neighbors Connecticut and Massachusetts, Rhode Island has fewer Bachelors’ degrees and high-school diplomas. The share of our population that is foreign-born is also increasing. That means more Rhode Islanders are in need of Adult Education than ever—especially female and/or Hispanic learners, as our report finds.

The good news is that RI’s adult education programs are helping to meet these challenges! As compared with the rest of the nation, we have more than doubled the rate at which participants have increased their educational gains since 2005. Overall, the report finds that RI’s Adult Education system demonstrates “considerable effectiveness at increasing the skills of its learners.”

The report also looks into the employment circumstances of adult learners, the particular educational needs of RI’s young workers, and funding issues associated with adult education. It’s all pretty cool—and extremely useful—information for planners, policymakers, and residents.

This new data story shows DataSpark at its best: building and expanding data partnerships, creating unique tools and visualizations, and supporting policy discussions with key info. So…our handle has changed, but our long history of accuracy and innovation in data analysis has not.