A Fond Farewell to Andrew Bramson

July 1, 2016 1:11 pm

DataSpark’s former Director Andrew Bramson officially took over the helm of Rhode Island’s College Crusade today. Bramson was with ProvPlan for 15 years, working on the Development side for much of his tenure. His development work shepherded ProvPlan through a tremendously productive time; he helped secure a number of large federal grants and cross-agency partnerships that have had long-ranging consequences for our organization. The federal Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems grants cemented our relationship with RIDE and helped build the RI DataHUB and the RI Data Sharing Project. The federal Workforce Data Quality Initiative grants have more recently allowed us to work with the RI Department of Labor and Training to link higher education and workforce data.

Bramson’s strong community relationships helped bring about many of the collaborations we have enjoyed in the past and maintain today. Our partnerships with the Rhode Island Foundation, the Providence After-School Alliance, the Youth Restoration Project, the United Way of Rhode Island, and others are part of an important local non-profit infrastructure that lets us work with and for each other and keeps skilled and passionate people at work in the state. Bramson’s efforts helped build this infrastructure.

In 2014 Bramson took over as Director of DataSpark with the departure of Rebecca Lee. He led the effort to re-brand the former “Information Group” at ProvPlan with a new, distinctive name and identity.  He leaves longtime ProvPlan staffer and Director of Data Analysis Kim Pierson in charge as we search for DataSpark’s next Director.

We wish Andrew all the best in his new role as the Executive Director of the College Crusade, and look forward to many more years of partnership and fellowship. Andrew, we’ll miss you!